Cityntel is providing Lumoflex City platform as Smart Streetlight Control Central Management System for City of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
Cityntel has currently installed 600 Lumoflex Smart Streetlight controllers in the Old Town in the City Centre. Smart Streetlights provide better ambience and increased comfort for citizens and city visitors in our picturesque Medieval Old Town.
One of the well obvious benefits for people is the fact that with Lumoflex Smart Street Lights in the area, the city has been running Christmas lighting also at the time when street lights are switched off.
Instead of controlling street lighting centrally by turning electricity on and off from power cables, Lumoflex smart controllers switch individual street lights on and off according to ambient light conditions. Power cables have electricity all the time, and other devices can get power from lighting electricity grid all the time.

City of Tartu, a second largest city in Estonia has taken the strong commitment to turning its street light network Smart and energy efficient.
Cityntel is providing currently Smart Control for reducing their energy consumption for more than 1200 street lights across the city.
Moreover, the city of Tartu is also looking at the advanced use of smart street light control.
Cityntel has provided the city with special motion controlled pedestrian crossing street lights to increase the awareness of drivers regarding pedestrians crossing the road. This solution has greatly improved pedestrian safety in long and dark autumn and winter nights.

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